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Asheron's Call Screenshots

Akhorahil posing at his old home on the second floor of the tavern in Tufa when he was level 26

Akhorahil showing off his 86mod Gold Yumi

Akhorahil in battle with an Iron Golem

Akhorahil in battle with a Drudge Lurker ( a dead Drudge Stalker lies in front of me)

Akhorahil lining up a Copper Golem for the kill shot

Akhorahil about to finish off a Shadow

Akhorahil facing down a Wild Monouga

Akhorahil hitting level 28 on a kill of a Granite Golem (I mistimed this screenshot)

Arnold Layne posing at his home in Tufa (I am currently lvl 5)

Arnold Layne about to unleash a Flame Bolt II on a Drudge Sneaker